Thursday, December 11, 2008

There are Good People Left In the World

I am a loser. If an item is not attached to my body, I can and will lose it. And I have lost everything smaller than a TV that I own. Books, keys, money, shoes, you name it. The 2 scariest items to lose are my keys and my check card. Well, I did it again. I lost my check card.

I took the folks to Rib Crib last night. I paid with that pink card, included a tip on the slip, and left. I don't know if I never received the card back, or if it fell out of my purse. (Yes, I know, I should use the pockets.) Well, after a busy day today, I realized I hadn't seen my pink plastic. So I began to search, then I dug through my clothes, my purse, my car, and finally realized, "It's gone!"

Before cancelling it, and knowing my amazing history of losing things, I decided to call Rib Crib in case they had it. As I waited on hold, I looked at my bank info online. According to it, I had 2 charges at Rib Crib last night. The first one I recognized. The second one was not mine. As soon as I was pulled off hold, I noted the issue to the person I was talking to. They immediately traced the 2 charges, compared signatures on receipts, and told me they will reimburse me for the second charge. The 2 signatures did not match.

Luckily, whoever took it only used it once. Maybe they thought a random charge would be easily overlooked. But at least I am not behind on the deal.

Thank you to Rib Crib in West Tulsa for being so diligent in solving my problem, and for being so friendly. It restores my faith in people.

The credit card only had that charge on it, so I closed the account.


Phyllis Renée said...

Wow! I'm surprised (with Christmas and everything) there weren't a LOT more charges.

I lost my ATM card once at work and for a long time thought my co-worker took it. I cancelled the card and never had any problems. A year later I found the card in one of my coat pockets.

Kristi said...

I hope you didn't scowl at the coworker for a year! Ha!

Rib Crib called me today to apologize, to refund my money, and to offer me a free meal for my hassle. They also thanked me for being so calm and patient.

Thank God the person only charged a meal.

luke said...

I dunno ... the way Rib Crib treats you, sounds like maybe they should have charged a bunch of TOGO orders. You could have had a dozen free meals! ;)