Monday, June 1, 2009

Shameful Christianity

So, I read that the abortion doctor who performs late term abortions was gunned down in church. I have seen and heard so much hate spewed since the incident occurred, and it shames me as a Christian to be associated with such a despicable, arrogant class of people.

No matter your views on why he should/should not be in church, and abortions at any stage of fetal development, killing him was equivalent to judging him and his character. It was basically saying, “God, you are an idiot to allow this man to live, so I will be the judge and jury in your place. Maybe next time you will get it right!” If you think that he deserved it because fetuses died at his hands, you are acting as judge yourself. Whether he did the right or wrong thing, killing him does not bring justice. Don't forget that we judge others on their actions and ourselves on our intentions.

Christians infuriate me when they use the church as their stepping stool to hurl their judgmental venom at others--especially for highly controversial issues such as this. How quickly the word “love” gets lost in our righteous indignation.

To some Christians, love is not very unconditional. I hope God loves me much greater than I could ever love him or anyone else. I hear his love is unconditional, and I can only pray he is more forgiving than I am.


Phyllis Renée said...

Ok, I must have missed something, because I read this the other day and thought the shooter was a Christian. Then heard he was a Muslim convert. Who are the christians you're talking about. I'm assuming, now, that some have said the Dr. deserved it.

Kristi said...

I've heard so many people say they are happy the doctor is dead, because he was a killer. I've heard this from "Christians". I have a relative who also stated that he doesn't condone the man's murder, but then labeled him a monster and said he should not have been allowed in church considering the "killing" he did for a living. Apparently, church is supposed to be exclusive.

Naida Lee said...

i'm still really pissed off about that. i had kinda thought about being a scientist who uses stem cells from fetus' to come up with cures and such but... nevermind... i might get shot for being evil and trying to help people in new ways