Saturday, January 31, 2009

Sid & Sam

I am an animal lover. I am horribly allergic to cats, so I have a way of disconnecting myself from them. But all other furry animals have my heart. I look into their eyes, and I see unconditional love.

I have 2 dogs. Sidney I found at the SPCA in Dallas. She was named "Jewel", and was the calmest dog there. She was offered at a discounted price because she had been there for so long. I reached into the cage she shared with a huge black dog who was jumping and barking, and I managed to get her out without freeing blacky. As soon as she walked down the aisle with me, I realized--this dog is not for me. She started jumping and running and going apey. I tried to put her back in her cage, and she dug her paws into the concrete. She wasn't budging. Every timed I tried to open the cage, the huge black dog tried to get out. I was embarrassed. I was afraid that if I asked for help, I would be seen as "unfit" or unable to handle a dog. (That SPCA had a lot of rules and questions they asked you). So I purchased "Miss Thang" and brought her home. My husband never warmed up to her, but then, he never tried. (He picked the name Sidney.) She would hide and pee. She would nip. She was an escape artist. But I loved her. She was my girl. When she escaped, my heart sank and I cried until I found her. When I divorced and moved to Tulsa, she was immediately a great dog--like she was so happy to be away from my ex that she would do anything I wanted. She was my baby. We both entered a new phase of life together. She's very smart, very resourceful, and cunning.

One night at Rib Crib, my parents and I noticed a sweet black lab dodging cars. Rib Crib is right by a highway. The black dog was begging for food. I told my dad, "If that dog is still there when I leave, I'm taking it home." We walked out to our car, which was on the other side of the restaurant from where he was hanging out. He came right up, and we opened the car door and he jumped in. He had scars all over his belly. The vet said he had been "rolled by a car or two", by looking at the scars. He had been on his own for a while. He and Sidney didn't hit it off in the beginning. But they did mesh over time., and are now buddies. He tore up my couch, my shades, my wooden furniture. But he grew out of that. Sam is my loverboy. He wants to be touched. To sleep with me. To sit on my lap. Even after 6 years with me, he needs reassurance. He loves the indoors, loves blankets, and loves to sleep.

I regret not walking them more. Not playing with them more. Their love is unconditional. They see me and welcome me with complete love. I am so thankful for them.

I took in a puppy last year, only to find that potty training was not something my schedule was conducive to. Also, Sid and Sam weren't so keen on having a new family member. I realized that I couldn't provide this dog the attention it needed at such a young age. It as so hard, but I found her a home with a family that had no dog, and 3 kids. My heart ached at the thought of what I was doing to her psyche by giving her away. But I know she will be happier.

When I saw a boyfriend kick Sam, I knew that it was time to walk away. Sam does not get aggressive, unless he is attacked. My boyfriend said that Sam bit him once when he was in my back yard and I was at work. In reality, that boyfriend had serious control issues, and I saw him get increasingly aggresive with Sam. I saw him kick Sam, and Sam did nothing to create such a severe reaction. I still apologize to Sam for that. I believe he had been abused prior to his time with me, so having his mom's boyfriend kick him after 6 years of peaceful living is unacceptable. I failed him. I ended that relationship, and I still get sick at the thought of that incident.

If I had a ton of money, I would have an animal rescue, and I would provide shelter and love to God's creatures. I would be a very sad person without my dogs. They are my true loves.


Naida Lee said...

i love sidney and sam too!

Jeff said...

Being loved by dogs like Sidney and Sam is a great indicator of real character and integrity. They love because you love.